Recommended Book: “Holy Ambition” by John Piper

Recently, I told a friend that I had not read anything in the last year that had truly gripped me. I have completed a good many books in the last year, but nothing seemed new, fresh, or inspiring. However, this was before I was given a copy of John Piper’s new missions resource, a collection of sermons titled, Holy Ambition.

Now, I do admit that, as a church planter, it’s very likely that I would enjoy missions books. Nevertheless, this was a great book. There may not have been anything new or fresh (as the biblical content supporting missions has not changed), but the way Piper writes is truly uplifting and inspiring.

My favorite sermon in the book is Other Sheep That Are Not of This Fold, which is based upon John 10:16 and was preached at a Don’t Waste Your Life collegiate event in 2008. The sermon provides the reader with not only the biblical support for missions, but biblical support which encourages the reader that God is sovereign and we can trust Him in our missions endeavors. As a planter, I need to be reminded of God’s plan.

The sermon can be found HERE at the Desiring God website. I recommend you take the time to read this sermon.


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