30 for 30 #2: Halloween 1999

Most of my teenage memories revolve either around church or marching band. When I wasn’t at band practice, I was likely at a youth group function, and when I wasn’t at a youth group or church event, I was likely doing something related to marching band or school music.

This particular memory involves marching band.

Being a part of the drumline in high school was a ton of fun. While we did focus on our music and playing well, we also liked to rock the boat as much as possible. We were arrogant and thought we could do no wrong, as evidenced by our drumline shirts for the 1998-1999 school year which stated, “CCHS Drumline: We’re just plain better than you, hoss.” So, when the opportunity to goof off a little presented itself, we jumped in without any thought.

This brings us to Halloween Weekend 1999. I don’t remember who we were playing that Friday night or whether it was a home or away game, but I do remember we had an epic idea: we would line up take the field for the half-time show as normal, and just before marching onto the field, we would put on halloween masks and play the show wearing masks. While it was nothing revolutionary, it was exciting for us. Of course, we did not ask for permission to do this, because we knew the answer would be, “No.” But, knowing we were the bullet-proof, just-plain-better-than-you drumline, we stuck to the plan.

I still remember the laughs and cheers from the crowd as they saw the drumline. I was wearing an “Alf” mask, which I thought was pretty cool. I don’t really remember what the other guys were wearing except our tenor player, Dickey, was wearing this zombie mask that had long, wiry hair. I wish I could find a picture of this – a drumline wearing Halloween masks with their band uniforms. It was an interesting sight to say the least.

We completed the show and walked off the field. Was our band director upset? Of course, but he couldn’t really yell at us because we had done something that definitely pleased the crowd. Bullet-proof.

There are many other high school drumline memories of which I consider fond memories: the time our bass line rolled on our heads to play the drum solo upside down and Mr. Swindle, the band director was livid, but thought it looked good so asked us to make it a permanent addition to the show; or the numerous rehearsals where we would nail a lick and just relish the sound of a drumline playing in perfect unison; or marching through the tunnel at CCHS stadium while playing the drum cadence and feeling like your heart would leap from your chest from the vibrations…all good memories, but Halloween 1999 was one of my favorites.



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2 responses to “30 for 30 #2: Halloween 1999

  1. Kent

    Thought we could do no wrong? Son, we couldn’t. The personal fable served its purpose. Simpler times.

  2. Indeed we couldn’t. We were simply better than everyone else…at least in our minds. No need for a water hose, cause our licks were clean.