A Weekend of Duck Hunting


My View from the Duck Blind

I just returned from a weekend of duck hunting in Mississippi. Instead of rambling, I wanted to give 10 reasons why I love duck hunting:

  1. Duck Hunting provides me with a great opportunity to enjoy creation. (see the picture above)
  2. Duck Hunting allows me to spend quality time with my father and friends.
  3. Duck Hunting allows me to connect with my rural roots.
  4. Duck Hunting inspires me to learn about the biology of waterfowl, their identification, and habitat management.
  5. Duck Hunting gives me a reason to sit quietly and relax outdoors.
  6. Duck Hunting is a great opportunity to get out of the city.
  7. Duck Hunting allows me to remember and practice proper gun safety techniques.
  8. Duck Hunting is a great excuse to wear camo.
  9. Duck Hunting is FUN.
  10. Duck Hunting is something I can pass along to my children, giving them the opportunity to make similar memories as I have.



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